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Edwards utilizes a full time Safety/Risk Manager who is responsible for coordinating the company’s safety program. Numerous processes for the purposes of loss prevention and employee safety have been integrated into our overall operations. One of the most important elements of these additions has been the commitment of management to instill safety as everyone’s daily responsibility and as a work culture.

The principles and systems that we have implemented are intended to ensure that reliable work standards are integrated into the various levels of our staffing, creating a culture for achieving optimum product and process performance.

Employee Safety Responsibilities:

Integrated Safety Management Practices

  • Develop and implement management systems that address all activities to ensure safety, assign roles, responsibilities, and authorities.
  • Develop safety performance goals and indicators to measure progress.
  • Critically evaluate the work status of each project to identify management system improvements.
  • Establish work practice benchmarks for various job functions and measure these against best practice standards in the industry. Fundamentally we have incorporated the practice standards issued by the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association.

Prevention of Potential Loss Claims

  • Understand the consequences of unreliable safety performance activities as they relate to liability exposure and potential loss claims.
  • Determine whether reliability and safety goals have been or can be achieved.
  • Systematically analyze equipment and processes to identify important contributors to unreliable and unsafe performances.
  • Develop and implement practical recommendations to improve safety and reliability performance.

Root Cause Analysis to Prevent Losses

  • Systematically analyze performance problems to identify management system weaknesses that are the root causes of problems.
  • Use technology and best practice standards to examine personnel and equipment failures for loss prevention purposes.
  • Evaluate performance trends to identify and correct persistent problems with personnel, equipment or work practice standards.



Crew gather for a daily safety briefing.


Danny Cain our full-time Safety Risk Manager has over 30 years of experience with corporate safety and risk management.



  • BS and MS from University of Louisville
  • National Academy for Nuclear Training Proctor
  • OSHA Construction Outreach Trainer
  • Water Marine Safety Instructor
  • Equipment Operator Instructor
  • USDOT Collections Certification

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