Hauling Sensation

Moving one mega piece into an isolated location in Middle America is hard enough, but moving eight humongous pieces is like putting together a 5000 piece puzzle. After nearly two years, Edwards Moving & Rigging completed this complex puzzle.


  • 12 loads of steel plate, matting, and jumpers required to protect underground utilities, drain pipes, and structures.
  • Transport in a flood plain where flooding experienced during most of our transporting.
  • Sub zero temperatures throughout the transport.


  • Re-grading and rock piling to ensure the terrain was suitable for roll off at the offload site.
  • Edwards convoyed multiple components during this project.
  • Rebuilding a railroad crossing.
  • In just 14 miles, Edwards would be required to develop a communications plan between three power companies, one telephone company, one cable company, local EMS and fire departments not to mention two school districts.



  • One HS 15 bridge involved extensive engineering and construction to shore the structure
  • Two bridges of 80′ completely jumped using our (RDJ120) Rapid Deploy 120’s.
  • EMR provided Dock re-engineering to allow for these roll off’s.


  • Using self propelled trailers


  • Weight of Generator – 876,000 pounds
  • Weight of Transformer – 844,000 pounds


  • 18 lines of self-propelled Goldhofer with 288 tires under each unit for a total of 566 rolling tires.