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A Mega Move

When an Edward’s client sold two gas turbine generators to a power plant in rural Kentucky, it wasn’t long before they realized that delivery of these mega-sized components would present a multitude of challenges. Edwards Moving & Rigging would develop a comprehensive plan over several years that would culminate in an on-time, on budget delivery despite record breaking snowfall and a multitude of challenges.


    • BRIDGES: 47
      • Some as long as 300 feet
    • OVERPASSES: 44
      • Three of which were less than 16 feet tall and two with less than 2 inches of clearance.
    • TOTAL AXLES: 38
      • Using a 32-axle dual lane Goldhofer and pushed and pulled by two prime movers.
    • WEIGHTS:
      • Turbine Skids – 843,296 pounds
      • Generator Skids – 821,008 pounds
      • Auxiliary Skids – 500,992 pounds


  • Navigating through construction with load clearances of less than inches on each side. A governor declared state of emergency for record snowfall.
  • The removal of 55′ of guardrail. A 20 foot box culvert within view of the final destination, would need shoring and cribbing.

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