Goldhofer Hydraulic Platform Trailers


Our self-propelled heavy-duty PST modules were specifically designed for the transportation of heavy loads. These trailers perform different steering functions including: 90-degree transverse steering, diagonal steering and carousel steering. The Goldhofer PSTe modules are equipped with computerized electronic steering where each axle can steer +/- 135 degrees. Our self-propelled configurations are perfectly suited for onsite application as well as short distance over the road hauls.


With the addition of a drawbar and a prime mover, our Goldhofer THP trailers can also access public roads and highways with complete leveling capacity and up to 55 degree steering. These modular heavy-duty vehicles can be combined into an extremely diverse set of vehicle combinations. They are combinable in both the longitudinal and lateral directions and can be individually supplemented by various spacers, drop decks, and bolsters to offer a large variety of options for solving complicated transport tasks.