Faktor 5 High Girder Bridge

The Edwards Faktor 5 High Girder Bridge is the sixth to be built by Goldhofer since the product was launched in 2012.  The Faktor 5’s modular design and containerized load-out capability provides rapid and easy mobilization to and from job sites.  With its adjustable loading lengths and widths, the Faktor 5 offers the flexibility to solve tough specialized transport challenges.

Dead weight of the Faktor 5 is 110 tons giving it a payload capacity of 551 tons.  When supported on two sets of 20-axle hydraulic platform trailer lines, it has a span of 157 feet and a total length of 282 feet.

This technologically advanced piece of equipment is ideally suited for generators and transformers in the power generation market. As demand pushes these major power components to be more powerful, their size and weight also increase.  A Faktor 5 High Girder Bridge configuration allows these types of components to be transported in one piece to job sites instead of in several part loads.