Goldhofer ADDrive Modules

Edwards acquired four 6-line Goldhofer ADDrive Modules in 2017 – the first 6-line modules purchased and operating in the world!  These multi-flexible use modules are a tremendous addition to our hydraulic platform trailer fleet.

The Goldhofer ADDrive module advantages are:

  • Versatile Self-Propelled and Free Wheeling modes for towing up to 80 km/h.
  • Automatic uncoupling of axles prevents overheating of drive components.
  • Self-Propelled drive mode reduces weight for crossing bridges without tractor unit.
  • World’s first Heavy Duty Module with Quick-Acting Electronic Braking System (EBS).
  • Extreme bending moment for concentrated cargoes.
  • Can be synchronized with other Goldhofer self-propelled units.